Thursday, 31 March 2011

My dining room : in desperate need of help.

As I said  in my last post  decorating I don't do well.  We moved into this house almost two months ago.  Admittedly it has taken all this time to unpack.. but now we are down to a few boxes I am starting to see the area that need serious work.  The dining room is most in need of an overhaul.. At the moment it is like  eating in a hall, a very big room with no personality

I am showing some photo's looking for help.  The photo's were taken late in the day.
The room is on the dark side of the house, so I am not sure whether to try to lighten it or go with a darker colour scheme.  Both the curtains and the paint   are to be update.An suggestions on colours or what furniture to put where would be great

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  1. even though it's on the dark side of the house, it seems like a big room and the best way to make it smaller and more "intimate" would be to paint it a dark colour.

    To compliment the flooring, woodfire and brick surround I'd paint it a gorgeous deep shade of red - perfect colour for a dining room!!