Thursday, 31 March 2011

No decorator gene

As I wrote in my previous post I am now at home full time ( which I am loving)  but with the extra time i now see all the things that need to be done both inside the house and out.

Unfortunately for me I missed out on the home decorator gene.    I have friends who can walk in, move  something a few inches and  create a fantastic look, I can see it needs fixing but I am never sure how to go about it.

The dining room needs a paint  but can I choose a colour .. no way.  The silly part is it is a tin of paint..if its not the right colour it can be changed, its not written in concrete.  Still i hesitate .....

 When I figure out how I will post some pic of the trouble spots and ask for  your suggestions....

Outside is  in need of desperate attention....the garden is very overgrown.  We have made a start and planted some seedlings but there is lots of weeding and pruning to be done elsewhere.    The previous owners planted anything and I mean ANYTHING  that would grow, lots of creepers that have grown out of control and plants that spread madly if not trimmed back regularly.

It looks like it is going to be a nice day, so I will spend the afternoon trimming back and weeding the garden.

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