Thursday, 31 March 2011

My dining room : in desperate need of help.

As I said  in my last post  decorating I don't do well.  We moved into this house almost two months ago.  Admittedly it has taken all this time to unpack.. but now we are down to a few boxes I am starting to see the area that need serious work.  The dining room is most in need of an overhaul.. At the moment it is like  eating in a hall, a very big room with no personality

I am showing some photo's looking for help.  The photo's were taken late in the day.
The room is on the dark side of the house, so I am not sure whether to try to lighten it or go with a darker colour scheme.  Both the curtains and the paint   are to be update.An suggestions on colours or what furniture to put where would be great

No decorator gene

As I wrote in my previous post I am now at home full time ( which I am loving)  but with the extra time i now see all the things that need to be done both inside the house and out.

Unfortunately for me I missed out on the home decorator gene.    I have friends who can walk in, move  something a few inches and  create a fantastic look, I can see it needs fixing but I am never sure how to go about it.

The dining room needs a paint  but can I choose a colour .. no way.  The silly part is it is a tin of paint..if its not the right colour it can be changed, its not written in concrete.  Still i hesitate .....

 When I figure out how I will post some pic of the trouble spots and ask for  your suggestions....

Outside is  in need of desperate attention....the garden is very overgrown.  We have made a start and planted some seedlings but there is lots of weeding and pruning to be done elsewhere.    The previous owners planted anything and I mean ANYTHING  that would grow, lots of creepers that have grown out of control and plants that spread madly if not trimmed back regularly.

It looks like it is going to be a nice day, so I will spend the afternoon trimming back and weeding the garden.

A lady of leisure

Since my post I have resigned my job... I am sad about his as I really enjoyed the work and the company of my fellow  workers.

The main reason was the inequality in the  work place, there were different rules for different people.  Jobs were given to 'chosen' people even though others had the same skills.   Some people could buy extra leave others couldnt ( this was the decider for me).  I applied to buy 2 weeks extra leave and after three weeks with no reply, I asked again only to be told no.

In the meantime someone else had had theirs approved in two days...

I didnt expect any 'special' treatment but I  expect equality.

So I am looking for another job...and I need one in a hurry as we have taken out a much bigger mortgage when we moved house..

Saturday, 5 March 2011

In the beginning

I have thought about writing about my life  for some quite some time.  There just never seemed to be a 'good' time to start
We recently moved house and I though with a new start I would begin to write about my day to day experiences.
However although enthusiastic about this my service provider wasn't that helpful and it has taken a month to  have our internet connected.

So finally today I begin and what a day it has been, one of those days where you wonder why you got out of bed, and it was preceded by much of the same yesterday.                                                                                                                       
Yesterday was a beautiful day and I planned to spend most of it in the garden.  We had been and bought some seedlings to plant and had a few packets of seeds , the previous owners had made some great raised garden beds ( one of the features that drew me to the house).
However my partner ( often known as grumpy ) had decided to start pruning back a blueberry plant that was taking over a corner of the garden.
This then led to noticing one of the trees there was dead  ( and this where the day took a down turn for me )  so decided to cut it down.   I was helping cut a medium sized branch while standing on a retaining wall  ( thinking at  the time this silly) and then the branch snapped in two and i went tumbling down..Luckily escaping major injury but a nast scratch two my eyebrow and several very large bruises on my leg.  Not to mention the dent to my pride.