Monday, 18 April 2011

Pictures of outside.

 The above picture is at the front of the house
 This one is taken outside our  laundry door,
The vege patch,  the chooks helped themselves to some of the plants..
 Above autumn leaves , this is also in the backyard

Nothing much is happening here today so I thought I would take a few photo's of the yard.

The first pic is if you stood looking at the house.  The tree is a huge elm tree busy at the moment dropping its leaves everywhere.   I am not sure that we will be able to grow any plants underneath it.

The second picture is to the left when I walk out the laundry door.  Its a little overgrown  and in need of some TLC.

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  1. I have just discovered your blog and had to laugh at your lack of decorating gene. I am the same. I hesitate when it comes to paint "in case it doesn't look right" but hey you have to make a start or it doesn't happen right? I just can't seem to make a start and my house like yours is in desperate need of some "oomph" it needs a lift, it is beige and I want colour!