Monday, 4 April 2011

On a roll.

This is the next problem area, which probably should be dealt with first as this is what  visitors see as they enter he house.

Most of the stuff on the floor is to go to the op shop or hard rubbish later this week.

 The photo above is what you see as you come in the front door, the sliding doors open to the back yard.
 These are the cupboards on the right as you walk in , there is a lounge to the left.

After you have walked in if you were to turn around this is what you would see.

I need to make the front door area welcoming... Again a big area which is well to be honest BORING.   Paint in a some cream colour , there is nothing appealing or inviting about it.....It is a strange entrance as there are cupboards on the right as you walk in...a lounge is to the left , in front is another big area which really doesn't seem to have purpose.. sliding doors at the end open out into the back yard.

The curtain  drag on the ground and  need to be replaced.  Will see what the curtain lady suggests when she is here later in the week.  Time for a lick of paint I think..

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  1. Hi! I'm your newest follower from Simple Savings! Hope you'll check out my blog too :)
    Great photos, and I look forward to reading about your progress with decorating! Nice topic for a blog ^_^ I think you have a good "blank canvas" to start with, and am sure you will come up with some great results. Best of luck!